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Elshaddai Enterprises unites in caring for people and works in collaboration with stakeholders in the best interests of developing the healthcare system in Sri Lanka. The company chose only the most advanced, time-proven technologies to match the Sri Lankan market from all over the world. Following the most recent trends, the dedicated employees of Elshaddai Enterprises perform their tasks to ensure the uninterrupted supply of medical equipment for various purposes in the Sri Lankan healthcare market.

Elshaddai Enterprises was established in Sri Lanka in the year 2010 as a distribution company for surgical and medical consumables. In order to fill a void in the market, the company ventured into medical device distribution in the year 2012.
Elshaddai Enterprises accumulates their experience in dealing with medical professionals and promptly responds to the needs of medical personnel. For the performance of technologies provided to hospitals and other medical service providers, the company is personally liable to doctors and patients.

Today, Elshaddai Enterprises has grown by leaps and bounds and has maintained growth momentum by offering individual, tailor-made solutions to public and private sector medical institutions in Sri Lanka. The company has collaborated with competent medical technology specialists from around the world and skilled practitioners. Uniquely, they have successfully ventured into the distribution of surgical devices, diagnostics equipment, sports medicine equipment, anesthesia equipment, and various types of hospital furniture in the Sri Lankan market.
‘’Making Quality Healthcare Accessible to All Citizens of Sri Lanka is our Vision.
At Elshaddai Enterprises, we are using our breadth, scale and years of experience to reimagine the way healthcare is delivered in modern Sri Lanka and help people live longer, healthier lives in the years to come, with the vision of helping people return to living active and fulfilling lives.’’
‘’To impart international cooperation via our world-renowned principals to always stay relevant and timely while adapting to international innovations by informing medical professionals in Sri Lanka on modern medical technologies. To achieve these goals, we strictly observe our golden mission rules: experience, responsibility, and promptness, in a radically changing environment.’’
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Quality Healthcare
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Our Policies
Credibility, Clarity, trust, loyalty, pride, and respect—these are our values. They have accompanied us since our beginning and will continue to do so in the future. Uniquely, they are the constants that shape our work and our behavior.

We care about the quality of our products and strive to provide the best possible medical supplies at the highest possible value. We strive to be the best service provider by offering our customers quality products while maintaining our focus on service and values.

Healthcare distribution is the vital link in the healthcare system, helping pharmacies, hospitals, and other healthcare providers keep their shelves efficiently stocked with the medications, medical devices, and products that patients need every day.
At Elshaddai Enterprises, we bring safety and reliability to the supply chain, so a spot-on supply chain strategy is imperative to both patient care and business growth. Our policies are geared to implementing a sound strategy, taking into account our deep experience in every aspect of the healthcare supply chain.

Our healthcare consulting policies are directed at advising pharmaceutical companies, biotech start-ups, health insurance companies, and governments on the most effective and efficient ways of delivering healthcare. Through our healthcare consulting, we help organizations navigate the common challenges facing the industry. This has created a high demand for advisory and consulting professionals to help providers manage increased patient loads and emerging organizational challenges. We help private and public healthcare providers in Sri Lanka to create "Change that Matters" by making healthcare better, more affordable, and more accessible for millions of people around Sri Lanka.
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